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If you or your children suffer from any of these symptoms, Upstate Sleep Solutions may be the answer for you.

Symptoms for Adults

Snoring is so common it seems normal, but it should be considered harmful because it can disrupt your sleep and lead to many uncomfortable  complications, including daytime sleepiness, concentration problems, and an increased likelihood of car  accidents. In short, chronic  loud snoring isn’t just annoying—it can also be dangerous and deserves medical attention.
When your body isn’t getting the air it needs, reaching the restorative stages of sleep necessary to recharge your body and refresh your mind becomes difficult. This is a common symptom of patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing. 

Once dehydration is ruled out, lack of proper sleep becomes the next likely culprit for frequent headaches. People with Sleep Disordered Breathing often suffer from sharp drops in their blood oxygen levels, leaving a lingering headache upon waking. Clenching and grinding can also be a red flag and contributing factor.

Also called “venous pooling”, This is a visible sign of fatigue evident by the drooping of the muscles under the eyes. Often, this can be an indication that your upper jaw is underdeveloped creating constrictions for blood vessels as well as your airway.

 The body’s natural mechanism to keep itself asleep at night is hindered if you aren’t getting a constant flow of the right amount of oxygen / air. Restricted air passages in the throat can lead to a myriad of effects throughout the body, including having a tough time returning to sleep once awoken.

People who suffer with Sleep Disordered Breathing have bodies with a decreased ability to regulate their own temperature. Coupled with a spike in heart rate as oxygen levels drop, certain hormones get released into the body that can lead to excessive nighttime sweating.

Unfortunately, people with Sleep Disorder Breathing and some forms of Sleep Apnea have trouble getting back to sleep once they’ve woken up. This is due to the brain’s inability to ‘turn off’ properly if it’s not getting the oxygen that it needs. 

Symptoms for Children

In young children, the tongue is responsible for developing the upper jaw and creating enough room itself and the adult teeth. If a child exhibits very close or crowded baby teeth, there is a strong chance the tongue didn’t properly do it’s job. As the baby teeth are lost and replaced with even larger adult teeth, the crowding will only get worse often forcing the tongue back into the airway. As a bench mark, “the perfect 5 year old” has visible space between all of their front teeth.


Not every child who struggles with focusing is lazy or has ADD/ADHD. Lack of proper air to the brain during sleep can have profound effects on the growth and cognitive development of children. This can lead to behavioral issues including an inability to focus on seemingly simple tasks. The good news is these issues are REVERSIBLE if treated early enough!

Also called “venous pooling”, This is a visible sign of fatigue evident by the drooping of the muscles under the eyes. Often, this can be an indication that your upper jaw is underdeveloped creating constrictions for blood vessels as well as your airway. Early intervention can reestablish proper development.

Getting proper sleep is extremely important for the physical development of children. Certain deep stages of sleep are when the body produces peak levels of certain hormones including Human Growth Hormone that are key to proper development. If a child’s air passages are narrowed causing Sleep Disorder Breathing, they could exhibit stunted growth or be slower to develop physically than other children around them.

Excessive mouth breathing and/or sleeping with the mouth open is not to be ignored! As mammals, we are designed to breath almost exclusively through our noses, which leads to greater health. Mouth breathing is often accompanied by numerous detrimental effects on the body. Unfortunately, this is a common symptom of children that have Sleep Disorder Breathing and is often the most obvious sign that some type of intervention is necessary.

Lack of proper sleep doesn’t just cause adults to be irritable – it happens for children too. Part of the problem is that they may not recognize it. While Sleep Disorder Breathing isn’t always the cause for misbehavior, it’s certainly worth checking. Our sleep studies have helped identify Sleep Disorder Breathing in many children and dramatically improved their quality of life, scholastic performance, and behavioral issues following treatment.

This is a very common symptom amongst children. Bed Wetting isn’t a choice, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem. Patients who suffer from Sleep Disorder Breathing develop an inability to control this, and Upstate Sleep Solutions patients are very glad to rid themselves of this problem

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